Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:, The Vista Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2PB.

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Budokai Karate

Gareth kicking heidi smilingTeens and adults are taught a comprehensive martial art called Budokai Karate.  Budokai simply means many styles.  The main core that makes up the system is Karate, Ju-Jistu and Kickboxing.  In addition to these, there are aspects of many other martial arts included.  The style is specifically geared for self-defence allowing practitioners to keep themselves much safer in a variety of different settings and situations when out and about.



Our classes start with a gentle warm up and flexibility program so that you won’t be worn out before you start.  The lesson then progresses through technical training and then effective application.  We often train in groups of two or more which adds a social element to the learning experience.  Of course this is a physical activity and so increased or maintained fitness is a given.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or had years of training, we will find stimulating new techniques and activities to increase your skill and knowledge base.

 Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:
The Vista Hall
PE11 2PB

  Telephone: 07944246233