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Stronger Fitter Faster kids

Are you looking to keep your kids active as the nights draw in?  Martial Arts is a great way to start.  Not only is it super fun, but it also keeps you physically fit and builds super character.

Healthy kids need to move and play.  The more they move, the fitter they will be.  It seems every year kids become less and less active, spending more and more time on the computer or playing video games. The trick is to get them involved in an activity that keeps them engaged and active while they are having fun.

We all know that training in martial arts come with many benefits.  One of the biggest things we can takeaway is fitness, in both a physical and mental capacity.  Training can help develop things like strength, provide a well-rounded cardio and strength routine, better your balance, flexibility, aerobic capacity.  It also develops faster reflexes as pupils try to out class their opponents in the many enjoyable activities and exercises they take part in.

Hula hoop co-ordination training

A good martial arts program will go a long way in keeping your child active.   A good martial arts program teaches more than just kicking and punching, but also works on building a healthy lifestyle.  At Karate Lincolnshire we make sure each class has fitness, focus and fun.  We also make sure they learn the importance of good character and how to live a healthy and fit life through their martial arts.

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 Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:
The Vista Hall
PE11 2PB

  Telephone: 07944246233