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Classes at:, The Vista Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2PB.

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Make this summer stand out!

Make this summer stand out!

This is the summer that could really improve your child’s progress through life and help to set them up for a successful adulthood.

Learning shouldn’t stop during the summer holidays!

Children’s minds are like sponges constantly absorbing knowledge and information and they more they learn the more they want to learn.  The problem is that teachers and parent spend all year getting them into a learning mindset and then all of a sudden…  Nothing!  That’s right, it all just stops for 6 weeks or so.  It’s hard to ensure that your child is learning and having fun too!  Even though they may not realise themselves, children like learning and do not want it to stop during the summer holidays which is why they end up being bored and fed up.

That’s where Martial Arts come in!

This highly stimulating activity will serve to maintain the learning trend through the long boring summer holiday.  Fun training exercises and games will continue their education whilst keeping them entertained as well as burning off that excess energy.

This summer we are specifically working on:

  • Heat & Sun safety
  • Staying safe on holiday
  • Anti bullying
  • First aid

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 Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:
The Vista Hall
PE11 2PB

  Telephone: 07944246233