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Classes at:, The Vista Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2PB.

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Maximise kids potential

Maximise their Potential

ALL children have the potential to do well in life!  For some it will be in the academic sector while others have more practical, hands on skills.  Whichever category they fall into, Martial Arts training has the ability to give them a huge boost in the right direction.

Martial Arts can help kids reach their potential

Regardless of which sector they choose to go into, there are core attributes that give people a head start in realising their potential.  These include confidence, respect, discipline and leadership.  Martial Arts training has been shown to increase all of these as well as many others.  The physical exercise serves to keep them fit and active which has been proven to improve the emotional state and help keep a sense of mental balance.

The belt ranking structure gives an understanding hierarchy and how they fit in at various levels.  This will help them as they enter employment because every business or organisation has a command structure of some sort.

Kids have FUN while they learn!

Our action packed children’s program makes full use of enjoyable exercises and games that keep children interested whilst learning these valuable skills.  It is a well known fact that they learn better when they are having fun.  Visit our Lil’ Dragons page to find out more.

Where are we?

Classes are held in three different locations.  On Mondays we are at Spalding Common Community hall, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays we are at The Vista Hall in Spalding.  On Wednesdays and Fridays we use Boston’s Fenside Community Centre.

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 Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:
The Vista Hall
PE11 2PB

  Telephone: 07944246233