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Kids Love Martial Arts!

Kids Love Martial Arts!

What is it about Martial Arts training that makes kids love it so much?  Why can’t they wait to put on their uniform, get to class and start throwing arms and legs around in all directions?  Well there are many reasons for this, some obvious and some which may surprise you…

They Love Fun!

Of course kids all enjoy having a good time!  Our classes incorporate many different methods of training giving a good variety and preventing boredom.  A lot of the activities are fun in nature using many types of equipment in different ways.  We also use games to teach various lessons and improve their learning.


This one may surprise you.  That’s right!  The personality traits we teach are some of the very reasons they love this activity so much.  How?  Respect is a skill just like Karate and uses lots of different techniques to achieve the desired result.  Just like karate techniques, respect techniques need to be practiced in order to be perfected.  As they may use each other to practice a block for example, they also have to use each other to practice respect.  This means your child is constantly shown respect by the other kids as well as practicing themselves.  Of course we all like to be respected!


Children crave structure!  They like to know what is expected and how to please the adults around them.  At our school it is taught and demonstrated from day one!  The other students also serve to set a good example of what to do and how to behave.  Children really like this as it eliminates uncertainty.


Although if asked very few children would give this as an answer to why they like training…  That’s because it happens without them realising.  Children are not usually aware of their increasing confidence in the way that an adult might be, but they do enjoy the experience and feelings that come with it.  They become better at expressing themselves and communicating with other children and adults alike.

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Classes at:
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