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Learn Something New

Learn Something New!

Parents are always looking for something new for their children to learn.  Martial Arts is a great option to consider as the benefits are immense.  There is so much to learn from martial arts, that it is difficult to imagine that they could ever get board.

Setting and Achieving Goals

The built in ranking and progress structure in the form of different coloured belts really helps with goal setting.  It has all three stages (long term goals, mid term goals, and short term goals).

Long tem is usually achieving black belt or being able to perform like a role model.

Mid term is two or three belt higher than what they are at present

Short term is gaining the next belt

Also getting certificates and completing their Lil’ Dragons books are goals that can be worked towards.

Physical Motor Skills

The movements and exercises that are taught and practiced are quite complex and require thought and attention.  In class we work on perfecting techniques which allows children to develop a high level of control over their limbs resulting in much better Hand eye co-ordination.  This kind of training also helps to strengthen muscles in a safe, natural manner and greatly improves balance.  We often find that this helps children to do well in other sports and activities too.

Life Skills & Safety Skills

The Lil Dragons program includes a variety of life and safety skills.  These include Health, Nutrition, Listening, Memory, Fire safety, Stranger awareness and Road & Traffic safety.  This is to name but a few.  You can find out more by visiting our Lil’ Dragons page.

Learn to become an upstanding member of society

Obviously respect and discipline is a fundamental part of Martial Arts training but at KarateSpalding we go a step further and create scenarios and / or use events that occur in the class to help kids learn how to address and deal with other people and problems.  Often using re-enacting and role playing which shows them how different responses can bring about different outcomes.


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 Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:
The Vista Hall
PE11 2PB

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