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Getting Healthy Just Got More Fun!

Healthy kids is something we all want, but motivating them to keep fit in this world of PlayStations and Xboxes can be an uphill struggle.  It’s all too tempting for them to get their kicks from their bedroom sat in front of a screen with a controller in hand. Leaving that to get up and exercise is very often not appealing to them.

The answer…

To get kids to engage in physical activity, we need to create a link between physical activity and FUN!  Martial Arts training is a great way of doing this.  Firstly it is a structured program and we all know the kids crave structure (even if they do not realise it themselves).  Secondly they are so busy engaging in the activity at hand that they actually forget that they are exercising.  This is especially true of our Lil’ Dragons program where we employ fun activities and games using a wide range of equipment to achieve this.

Kids training

How we help to keep kids healthy

At KarateSpalding we achieve this in many ways.  Obviously there is the physical aspect which is a huge part, but in addition we take the time to teach them about the importance of exercise and how it helps their bodies.  We also educate them about nutrition and encourage them to eat healthy.  They also learn about the effect junk food can have, what to avoid in foods, how to burn it off and keeping nice tasting junk foods to a once in a while treat.

Benefits of Martial Arts

There are loads benefits to Martial Arts training such as increased confidence and leadership skills but there are also many linked directly to health and fitness which include:

  • Boosted immune system helping lessen the chances of illnesses such as colds, etc.
  • Better feeling of wellbeing which can lead to improved behaviour both at home and school.
  • Burn off excess energy allowing them to better relax and often sleep better.
  • More efficient metabolism helping to keep of excess weight

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 Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:
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