Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:, The Vista Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2PB.

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Developing Kids

Martial Arts training is a great way for kids to develop both physically and mentally. Our Lil’ Dragons classes consist of three main parts, all of which will benefit your child from their very first lesson!


Martial Arts will help your child’s body to develop as it will strengthen their bones and muscles through repetitive exercise. Their focus and concentration will also increase as they learn all about Martial Arts and its values.

Friends and confidence


If your child was to participate in Martial Arts, it will help them develop mentally, gaining those all important life skills! These range from balance and co-ordination skills to help cognitive development, to discipline and respect which will help their social development. Your child will also make lots of new friends throughout their Martial Arts journey which will assist them in developing their social skills.


Your child will develop their own safety skills and knowledge by participating in Martial Arts. This will help them in a variety of different circumstances and scenarios including: poison prevention, fire safety, stranger awareness and road traffic safety and many more.

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 Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:
The Vista Hall
PE11 2PB

  Telephone: 07944246233