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Confidence and Self Esteem

Confidence and Self Esteem

It’s that time again and whether starting a new school or just going into a new year this can be an anxious time for both parents and children alike.

Martial arts training is renowned for developing confidence and self-esteem at all ages!

Confidence is a skill just like any other and it needs to be practiced and developed from beginner level to advanced.  From the first time they walk into class, children are improving and developing their self confidence.  Even little things like interacting with other kids and making eye contact can be a good start.Child kicking kickshield

Goal Setting:

Martial arts is great for helping them to set short term, mid term and long term goals.  We are fortunate in that a ready made system is already in place in the form of belt ranks.  Every time they attain the next coloured belt, it makes them feel a sense of achievement and elation which boosts their self esteem and develops an “I can” way of thinking rather than “I can’t”.  The higher their self esteem and more confident they will be.

Another great thing about martial arts is inclusion.  Nobody is left “sitting on the bench” and everyone participates at their own level.  Some of this is done via roleplaying exercises and much is achieved through fun games and exercises that are specifically designed to enhance their martial arts performance.

All of this will then spill over into other areas of their life such as school.

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