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Smile While you Exercise :-)

Exercise is basically any activity which involves movement of the body and so increases heart rate, breathing and metabolism.  Sitting up for example is exercise compared to laying down and standing is more exercise than sitting.  Of course, none of the examples given are enough to keep us fit and healthy.  Ideally, we need to […]

Are martial arts sports?

One question I often get asked is “are martial arts sports?”. It seems not only to confuse the general public, but also many practitioners who don’t actually know whether what they are doing is sport or not. The answer is really quite simple.  A sport by definition is “an activity involving physical exertion or skill […]

Introduction to Budokai Karate

Karate is arguably the most recognised of all martial arts today and enjoys much support around the world. There is much speculation as to where the art actually originated. Some say it started in Japan while others say it comes from India. The most popular theory however seems to be that karate originated in Okinawa, […]

Hello world!

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