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Introduction to Budokai Karate

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Karate is arguably the most recognised of all martial arts today and enjoys much support around the world. There is much speculation as to where the art actually originated. Some say it started in Japan while others say it comes from India. The most popular theory however seems to be that karate originated in Okinawa, an island off the coast of Japan. The main focus throughout the years has always been on respect & discipline, a tradition, which is maintained within the Budokai style.

There are many different styles some of which are:

  • Shotokan – a very powerful style, which makes use of deep stances to ensure a strong foundation for basic techniques.

  • Wado Ryu – meaning ‘way of harmony’ uses tension free techniques and participants rely on speed for their power. The stances are generally narrower than Shotokan allowing the practitioner to move more freely.

  • Goju Ryu – meaning ‘hard and soft style’ is a combination of soft Chinese techniques and hard Okinawan methods. This style focuses on fast and slow movements, tension and relaxation with deep abdominal breath control and is characterized by small tight movements of the body.

Master Bennetto founded Budokai Karate in 2001 at the grade of 3rd Dan. It takes applications from all of the above and also from other martial arts such as Ju Jitsu, where combinations of strikes, kicks and grappling techniques are used to turn an assailant’s attack against him. There are also moves from Aikido, Judo, kickboxing and Kung Fu.

He studied karate, kickboxing and Ju-Jitsu from the age of fourteen. Since then he has conversed with Instructors from other styles and gained knowledge from them. His main style was Hakuda Ryu karate, which stems from Wado Ryu. He believed that a well rounded system that includes applications and ideas from many different styles was needed in order to give his students the greatest possible advantage over an assailant. The problem at that time was that none of the systems would recognise all the different aspects. In order to teach all the different components, his students would have had to hold many licences and take many grading examinations. It seemed the way forward lay in a completely new style and so using the name Budokai meaning many styles, Budokai karate was born. This discipline teaches both traditional and modern techniques and is geared for Self-Defence. Students are taught to use all techniques and applications in a harmonious manner whilst striking with devastating power at vulnerable targets.

 Karate Lincolnshire

Classes at:
Various Locations in
Spalding & Boston

  Telephone: 07944246233